Original fine art brings an office space to life and personalizes the environment. Photo courtesy of Maria Andersen who purchased “Curiosity.”



Bringing original fine art into your home or office can transform a space, create a mood, and enliven the senses with color and texture. Each piece is created with the intention to re-home them with the right patron. If you see an image that speaks to you and you can’t stop staring at it, that’s the signal to purchase it and learn what it has to say to you. Art is a universal language and everyone should be able to become a collector of images that inspire them. Prices of original art are variable for this reason. If the value of art exceeds paper bills for you, calculate $1 per square inch to estimate the price. For example, a 30”x 40” painting is $1200.

Have a special occasion or room that needs something custom? Use the contact form below to describe your idea and work directly with the artist to create something personally unique for you. Include size desired, date needed, and what emotions or ideas you want to convey.

If you are furnishing art for a corporate space, like an apartment complex, bank, or hotel, large custom original orders can be made and delivered directly to you.


Printing technology has come a long way and creating colorful, long-lasting prints is easier than ever now. Each art piece is professionally photographed by a Master Photographer to ensure the highest quality resolution (no cell phone pictures are used to make your prints). Select the image in the form below and in the description include what size image and options for printing you’d prefer. Almost all of the art pieces can be made as prints, although there are a few that were sold before quality photos could be made. Be sure to sign up with my Artist’s Insider Circle to know when new art is added and available for prints.

Options include archival prints on stretched canvas, cotton rag watercolor paper, or metallic photo paper. Framing is also available for additional fees.

The painting I have from Kristin Powers hangs in my office. I made the decision to buy it because the colors and composition remind me of our many hikes in the eerie slot canyons of Utah. Seeing this painting gives me a sense of peace during the busy day and allows me to take a deep breath amid the busyness of life.
— Maria Andersen, professor and entrepreneur

If you're interested in purchasing an original piece or a print, please include the name of the piece you are interested in with your message.
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