Art making is akin to alchemy. Artists start with rudimentary elements— rocks and water. These transform into paints with colors that run the spectrum. The next transformation is initiated with a flat planar surface. This literal blank canvas is opportunity. It is potential. An artist sees beyond the empty space to bring life where there was none. By using paint, the surface can create light, emotion, and dimensionality. Objects seem to reach out from the image and they glow with a mysterious light. As viewers, paintings can touch our hearts, our memories, and leave us with feelings we can’t shake. A single art piece may plant a seed in your unconsciousness, waiting to bloom into personal insight when the time is right. Art moves us like a dance that we all know the steps to. Artists are alchemists who use contrast, line, form, color, texture, size, and shape to make magic.

In my work, I probe the relationship between my aware mind and my unconsciousness. Each painting is a story I’m telling myself in layers of color and swirling shapes. I have a commitment to personal growth and I use painting as a therapeutic experience, slowly coming to understand what each painting is telling me about myself. I see the forms and shapes emerge, like an image coming into focus. Each image brings me closer to myself, and I hope, creates a little magic in the viewer’s world too.